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Early Years

Early Years

Starting school is a big step for any child and our infant department places particular importance on ensuring that new pupils quickly settle into our wonderful school community. Stella Maris School Early Years is not a day care facility, but it is a stimulating environment preparing children for their school years ahead.

Welcoming children from the age of three, our Early Years class provides the perfect environment for early learning. Children enjoy happy, secure, caring surroundings where class sizes are small to ensure that social, academic and creative skills are built and nurtured.

Excellent relationships are established between parents and teachers, who work together to make certain all children fulfil their academic and social potential. For the convenience of working parents, pre-school care is also provided at no extra cost from 8 am.

Morning Sessions

Morning sessions focus on laying firm foundations in number work, writing and reading, when the class teacher hears every child read individually.

Afternoon 'School'

Afternoon ‘school’ offer opportunities and experiences within the wider curriculum and encourages exploration, discovery and creativity through independent, structured and focus activities. These usually relate to the topic being studied, and typically include: Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Colour, People Who Help Us, Money, Shape and Pattern, Weather, Journeys and Holidays.

Sand & Water Play

Sand & water, and Small World Play are used to stimulate the imagination and Sewing Cards, Beads & Threading, Play-Dough, Jigsaws and Construction Toys are used to develop fine motor skills. Teaching children to ‘care and share’, and praising them for their positive behaviour, we encourage self-discipline, confidence, happiness and independence as each child becomes a valuable member of the school community.